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PlayerNest is established by gamers who have many years of experience in gaming, development and ingames issues The violation of the terms of use in video games is in the expansion and companies are increasingly suffering losses due to the illegal sale of their virtual goods on the black market. PlayerNest is a company that, due to its many years of experience in video games, provides services to companies to make it easier and more efficient to trace the people who violate regulations.

Player Support:
  • Our agents are familiar with all contents of game and legal aspects of the game
  • Providing all kinds of technical information about possible problems in the game itself
  • Answers to questions asked by the user
  • Facilitate user interface understanding

Player Surveillance:
  • Monitor the player according to the instructions of the company
  • Monitor illegal operations by the player
  • Exploring all types of exploits in the game
  • Examination of illegal operations in the game by direct communication with the players
  • Innovative methods for detecting bots and third party programs
  • Video evidence of any violation of the game rules

Promotion And Motivation:
  • A large number of players do not see the web site of their games so they are not fully informed of the promotions offered to them
  • Our agents use public in-game chat channels to promote the content that a company wants to offer to users

Your Needs:
  • The experience of the players is one of the most important factors for the video game industry. It is common knowledge that game makers are slow implement in their content. This is done by the PlayerNest agents who collect and filter all requests and suggestions before informing the manufacturer.
  • Sometimes it takes several months for the producer of the game to get relevant information about a bug or exploit that is present in their game. PlayerNest very quickly and efficiently comes to the knowledge and promptly and quickly influences the troubleshooting of games